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online application in universities in south Africa.

In this time of the year high school learners are battling with the struggling where to apply and which university and how to apply. The technology has taken over, where online application has become priority in most of the institution in South Africa. Most of the university they are allowing student to apply online for free amazing right? Well in this case we found most of student struggling to apply online. online application is important at this time of the year.

How to apply online?

online application

To apply online you need to follow few steps than you application is approved. The beauty of online application is that learners they don’t need to go around post office and submitting application, just one hit the problem is solved.

  1. List of documents needed to apply online

  • d. copy (certified copy not longer than 3 month)
  • grade 11 results or June report
  • Grade 12 certificate if already completed matric.

Steps to apply online

  1. Identify the university.

In South Africa we have 28 universities the most important step Is to identify the university you wish to pursue your studies and is advisable to identify at least 5 university, and then go to university website, than check the courses and apply online.

  1. Choose the field of study

It is important to understand your career choice and know if is in line with what you want and is within the circle of your strength. the important aspect is to do online application once you completed to choose the field of studies.

  1. Check the minimum requirement

Check the minimum requirement and understand them and check if subjected needed are the same as the one you are doing in your school.

  1. Apply online

When you are done with the following hit the online application button to the University of your Choice.

In this article my aim is to outline the importance of online application and how can you kick start your online application.

How to apply online?

This article is the second part of university online application.

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