EC SAPS: Internship 2019

Closing Date: 15 May 2019
Location: Eastern Cape

South African Police Service South African Police Service The South African Police Service hereby invites unemployed youth who conform to the requirements for a twelve – month internship programme. The internship programme is part of the National Human Resource Development Strategy and the National Skills Development Strategy.

Generic requirements:

  • Must be between ages 18 – 35
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Must be in possession of Senior Certificate ( Grade 12) or equivalent qualification (NCV L4)
  • Must have no criminal record (s)
  • Applicants must be unemployed and never participated in an internship programme previously
  • Applicants must be residents of the province where the post is advertised ( proof of residential address to be attached)
  • Applicants are restricted to apply for 3 positions only (to complete an application for each Ref: )

Intern categories:

  • Graduate Intern: Tertiary Qualification is required
  • Student Intern: Need practical experience in order to finalise qualification

NB: Stipend for each category will be as determined by the National Commissioner: South African Police Service

Administrative Graduate Intern [x02]: CommunicationLocation: PHO, Communication, Ref: 01 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF6or higher qualification in the following: Communication or Public RelationsCore Functions:Render effective and efficient media communication support on core police functions in order to effectively promote the successes of the Eastern Cape SAPSTo promote the image of the SAPS internally through the optimal use of all internal communication medium within the provinceTo assist in event management e.g. planning, branding and mobilisation of communityRender administrative duties.
Administrative Student Intern [x01]: Human Resource Development(HRD)Location: PHO HRD, Ref: 02 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of a N6Certificate or higher qualification in Human Resource Management, Office Management, and BusinessAdministrationNeed practical experience in order to finalize qualificationMust have a letter from the Institution of higher learning / TVET for experiential learningCore Functions:Assist with the implementation of workplace skills plan, Arrangetraining Committeemeetings and taking Minutes. Manage the administration of bursaries, Internship, RPL programme and other administrative duties(letter from the institution must be attached).PostAdministrative Graduate Intern(01]
HumanResource Development(HRD)Location: PHO HRD (Sport Management), Ref: 03 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of a NQF 6 or higher qualification in the following: Sport ManagementCore Functions:Assist with sport administration, Assist with the implementation of physical fitness of the members in the Province
Administrative Graduate Intern [x02]: Supply Chain ManagementLocation: Mount Fletcher SCM, Ref: 04 / 2019
Motherwell SCM05 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF6or higher qualification in the following: Supply Chain Management / Purchasing ManagementCore Functions:Assisting in general SCM functions including fleet management,acquisition management and facility Management.
Administrative Graduate Intern [x01]: FinancialServicesLocation: Maluti, Ref: 06 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF 6or higher qualification in the following: Financial ManagementCore Functions:Assist in compilingclaims, night shift allowance, Public holiday and overtime claims, Compile overtime application, Administer cash from the community (name clearance, fireman license renewals etc). Take minutes in the meeting, assist members when compiling SAP 501, SAP 157, and SAP174 etc.
Administrative Student Intern [x17]: Financial ServicesLocation: Cedarville Finance, Ref: 07 / 2019
PearstonFinance, Ref: 08 / 2019
BalfourFinance, Ref: 09 / 2019
CofimvabaFinance, Ref: 10 / 2019
Bridge CampFinance, Ref: 11 / 2019
Tsomo Finance, Ref: 12 / 2019
Ngcobo Finance, Ref: 13 / 2019
Dalasile Finance, Ref: 14 / 2019
Cala Finance, Ref: 15 / 2019
DespatchFinance, Ref: 16 / 2019
Kenton on Sea Finance, Ref: 17 / 2019
Bell Finance, Ref: 18 / 2019
Bathurst Finance, Ref: 19 / 2019
Lusikisiki Finance, Ref: 20 / 2019
Flagstaff Finance, Ref: 21 / 2019
Hlababomvu Finance, Ref: 22 / 2019
Mtontsasa Finance, Ref: 23 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possessionof N6 Certificate or higher qualification in Financial ManagementNeed practical experience in order to finalize qualificationMust have a letter from the Institution of higher learning / TVET for experiential learningCore Functions:Render financialadministrative support. Render the station revenue funds (cash) and administer advances and claims.
AdministrativeStudent Intern [x04]Human ResourceManagement (Vispol)Location: JozaVispol, Ref: 24 / 2019
Peddie Vispol25 / 2019
Gelvandale Vispol 26 / 2019
Mthatha HRM27 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of N6 Certificate or higher qualification in Human Resource Management, Office Administration, Business ManagementNeed practical experience in order to finalize qualificationMust have a letterfrom the Institution of higher learning / TVET for experiential learningCore Functions:Assisting in duties of DV-Coordinator complete DV registers and forms, Register dockets on system and complaints, capture operational plans, compile duty list, taking of affidavits in CSC, Taking down of minutes, filling of minutes, Administer diary Assist with Vispol admin functions,and Takingminutes.
Administrative Graduate Intern [x04]Vispol LocationBurgersdorp VispolRef: 28 / 2019
Nemato Vispol29 / 2019
Humansdorp Vispol30 / 2019
Dordrecht Vispol31 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF 6or higher qualification in the following: Policing / Criminology / Forensic InvestigationCore Functions:Filling of dockets on CASSystem and capturing of general Vispol correspondence on theRegistrationsystem
Administrative Graduate Intern [x08]: Human Resource ManagementLocationKing Williams TownHRM, Ref: 32 / 2019
Storms RiverHRM, Ref: 33 / 2019
CradockHRM, Ref: 34 / 2019
MiddleburgHRM, Ref: 35 / 2019
MaclearHRM, Ref: 36 / 2019
PholileHRM, Ref: 37 / 2019
East London HRM, Ref: 38 / 2019
Mthatha HRM, Ref: 39 / 2019
Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF6 or higher qualification in the following: Human Resource Management, Office management, Business managementCore Functions:Assist with Vispol admin functions,taking minutes.Assist with social Crime Prevention Projects, consolidation of returns, preparations of presentations and reports.Coordinationof operations, Consolidate of operational event matrix.Capturing andUpdatingof data on system.
Administrative Graduate Intern [x01]Occupational DevelopmentLocation: PHOOD, Ref: 40 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of NQF6 or higher qualification in the following: Risk Management.Core Functions:Coordinate, implement and monitor enterprise Risk Management Strategies, Compile and submit a risk matrix, Risk register, risk assessment reports and risk response plans, compile and submit service delivery charter, Service standard and service delivery improvement plans. Respondand adhere to internal and external audits processes.
5PostAdministrative Graduate Intern [x01 ]Occupational DevelopmentLocation: PHOOD, Ref: 41 / 2019Additional Requirements:Bein possession of NQF 6 orhigher qualification in the following: Project ManagementCore Functions:Coordinate, implement and monitor project and programme management process, Assist stations in implementing PPM Principles quarterly, Register and keep records of the projectswithin the Province, Evaluationand assess the impact of the project when finalized.
ADMINISTRATIVE GRADUATE Intern [x06]Section`Personnel(Psychology)Location: Port Alfred , Ref: 42 / 2019
Mthatha , Ref: 43 / 2019
Cofimvaba, Ref: 44 / 2019
Mdantsane , Ref: 45 / 2019
Mount Road , Ref: 46 / 2019
Motherwell , Ref: 47 / 2019Additional Requirements:Must be in possession of an Honours Degree in Psychology or Registered Counselling Qualification.Registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as an Intern Psychometrics or Registered Counsellor.Proof of valid registration with the HPCSA for 2019 / 2020 financial year.Core Functions:Conduct assessments as requested by the organization, Observe and assist with proactive programs presented to personnel, Provide counselling, debriefing, Psycho-education and crisis intervention, ensure implementation of efficient administrative system.
ADMINISTRATIVE GRADUATE Intern [x08]Personnel(Social Work)Location: PHO, Ref: 48 / 2019
Mount Fletcher, Ref: 49 / 2019
Mthatha, Ref: 50 / 2019
Port St Johns, Ref: 51 / 2019Alice52 / 2019
Queenstown, Ref: 53 / 2019
Aliwal North, Ref: 54 / 2019
Additional Requirements:Applicants must be in possession of a Social Work Degree (SAQA accredited –NQF 6) and valid registration with the South African Council of Social Service Professions (SACSSP) and paid up fees for the 2019 / 2020 financial year.Must be prepared to work in a multi-disciplinary team and be able to market Social Work Services.Must be medically, physically and mentally fit.Computer literacy which includes Ms Word, Ms Power Point and Ms Office Outlook will be an added advantage to the applicant.Core Functions:To render complex and advanced Police Occupational Social Work Services’ to the organization. Render comprehensive occupational social work to client system bymeans of restorative and promotive workplace interventions. Execute standard social work administrative practices. Render occupational social work services within multi-disciplinary approach with relevant stakeholders.
ADMINISTRATIVE GRADUATE Intern [x02 ]LegalServicesLocation: PHO, Ref: 55 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of LLB DegreeCore Functions:Assist with general administration relevant to registration of letter of demand and summonses, motion applications, processing of memorandums for payment of judgment debts etc.Assist with consolidation of monthly reports, operational legal support to operational environment.Assistwith administration relevant to arbitration hearings, legal advisory services to support structures e.g. transfer committee etc.
PostAdministrative Student Intern [x02]DetectivesLocation: Mount Fletcher, Ref: 56 / 2019
Graaff –Reinett, Ref: 57 / 2019Additional Requirements:Be in possession of N6 Certificateor higher qualificationin Management Assistant / Office Administration / Business AdministrationNeed practical experience in order to finalize qualificationMust have a letter from the Institution of higher learning / TVET for experiential learningCore Functions:Data capture, filing of dockets on CAS.Assist with management and recording of leaves.FleetManagement for all vehicles within the component. Medical & injury Board. Service Terminationandassist with generaladmin.Correspondences on the registration system, Compile Monthly / Quarterly returns and maintain registers.


  • Only the official application form for the internship programme (available on DPSA website and at SAPS Official website) will be accepted. All instructions on the application form must be adhered to. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the application.
  • The reference number of the post must be correctly specified on the application form.
  • A Curriculum Vitae must be submitted together with the application form. 6
  • Certified copies of an applicant’s ID document, Senior Certific ate and all post school educational qualifications obtained must also be submitted and attached to every application. Certified copies should not be older than 3 months. No faxed or e – mailed applications will be considered.
  • Applicants will be subjected to fingerprint screening and reference checking .
  • Applications must be mailed timeously. Late applications will not be accepted or considered. The closing date for all applications is 24 November 2017 at 16: 00.
  • If a n applicant is short – listed, it can be expected of him / her to undergo a personal interview. Short – listed applicants may be subjected to security clearance.
  • Correspondence will be conducted with successful interns onl y. If you have not been contacted within 3 months after the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
  • The South African Police Service is under no obligation to fill a post after advertisement thereof.
  • A stipend will be paid according to proof of relevant qu alification.
  • Internship program in the SAPS may not be regarded as a guarantee for automatic absorption for permanent appointment.
  • Recommended candidates will be expected to sign a 12 month internship contract.

How To Apply

Application must be posted to:

Col Libala or Lt Col Gcadana
South African Police Service
Human ResourceDevelopment
Private Bag x7471
King William’s Town

Hand Delivered To:


Enquiries Can Be Directed To

  • Colonel Libala or Lt Col Gcadana or SAC Moraba or PO Mcetywa, Tel No: (040) 6087062 or (040) 6087057

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