Unilever Admin Trainee Vacancy

Boksburg, Gauteng, Full-time, Temporary

JOB TITLE: Admin Trainee for Medical Center

Daily routine of the medical center
• Does bookings for specific medicals such as pre-placement / transfer, and exits• Does bookings for specific vendors such as catering facility• Arranges bookings for specialized appointments off site – appointment and transport• Arranges that employees arrive for periodic medicals and OMP appointment etc• Assists with preparation of employees for lung function and Audiometry testing• To assist with medical examination – height, weight, urine, vision testing – prior to

medical examination when required• Clinic recalls – to assist with making appointments for employees to see the OHN / OMP• Medical waste – checking of collection and documentation in order• Arranges with pathology lab for collection and follow up of reports• Tracking medical surveillance as per calendar• Pulling and filing of employee medical files• Manages the laundry for the medical center• Condom containers maintained• Management of clinic IT program.

• Checking of orders placed / received and follow thru for payment• Medical orders – making sure documentation in order and procedure followed with the necessary signatures etc• MSDS – material safety data sheets – maintain file by receiving new data sheets and accessing info off internet at times• Training – assists with setting up and monitoring training provided by outside service providers• Requesting and sending of medical records to / from other sites• Preparing for events such as wellness,• HIV etc

• Documentation

• Maintains patient files

• Prepares new files for employees

• Extracts files when employees attending medical center for treatment by the OHN / OMP Extracts files when employees attending medical center for treatment by the OHN OMP

• Files and keeps current employee files

• Maintains medical files / records of ex-employee files by preparing to send to outside service provider for archiving

• Maintains medical files / records of HR Temps and contractor files
Occupational Health surveillance
• Receives and monitors contractor medicals. Checks if documentation complete, if not contacts contractor and informs. Gets the OHNP to sign off medical.• Informs SHE, security, SIQALO Foods contact when medicals have been signed off by the OHN in order that induction can take place Absenteeism


Office Administration or Secretarial Diploma /Degree

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